MERRF update

Cardiac involvement is frequent in patients with the m.8344A>G mutation of mitochondrial DNA. Neurology 2010 74: 674-677.
ミトコンドリア遺伝子の8344 A to G変異では拡張型心筋症やWPW症候群の合併の頻度が高い

A New Mitochondrial Transfer RNAPro Gene Mutation Associated With Myoclonic Epilepsy With Ragged-Red Fibers and Other Neurological Features. Arch Neurol. 2009;66:399-402.
新たなTransfer RNAPro遺伝子変異を認めたMERRFの49歳女性例

Scotosensitive myoclonic seizures in MERRF. Neurology 2009 72: 858.




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